Satisfied customers are the key to having a successful business. There is no point in making quality products if you don’t have a loyal set of customers who will buy them. Making customers happy is an easy but tricky task. You have to give them exactly what they want and give it to them better than your competitors.

No one can tell you what your customers want but the customer himself. And the best way of asking them is by using a survey or questionnaire. These surveys will help you identify not just the customers’ requirements, but also the problems with your products or services. Along with that, you can also find out the areas of your business that need improvement.

How to make an effective customer satisfaction survey

We have compiled all the information you might need in order to create an effective customer satisfaction survey form. You can easily spread these forms online and get your customers to fill them out.

Define your goal

If the customer does not know what you want to achieve, the survey might fail to serve its purpose. You must clearly define your goal for your customers in order for them to take the survey seriously. This is the only way you will get good results out of it.

Make the survey unique

You must customize the survey to add to it the touch of your brand. Using company logos and colors makes the customer feel familiar and provokes loyalty.

Add clear questions

Make sure that the questions you add in the survey are easily understood by all types of customers. Be it a teenager or a senior citizen, the questions should be clear enough for everyone. This will lead to clear and satisfying answers that will help you more.

Give an incentive

Customers are more likely to get involved in an activity when they see an incentive at the end. There is a bigger chance of them submitting honest feedback and answers if they are encouraged by a reward. A good example is that of the dqfansurvey by the Dairy Queen. They ask their customers to submit feedback and give different prizes as rewards. This attracts more people towards taking the survey.

Other example are Kroger feedback survey offered by kroger stores and Talk to sonic offered by Sonic Drive-In

Make it easily accessible

If the customer has a hard time finding the survey website, he might let it pass and not take the survey after all. Which is why is it important to make the website easily accessible. Adding CTA to the main website and promoting the survey on social media is a good way of doing so.

Don’t make it too long

You don’t want your customer to get bored and leave in the middle of the questionnaire. Which is why having a certain number of questions is the best practice. The ideal number of questions is between 5-12. Anything more will simply make the customer bored.

Cover all possible answers

If you’re going for a multi-choice questionnaire, you must make sure that you cover every possible answer in the options. Also, no option should confuse the reader. Clear answers will only help you collect better feedback.

Avoid negative or irrelevant questions

Last but not least, always make the customer feel positive about your brand. Avoid asking any questions that leave a negative impact on the customer. Also, the reader might leave the website if he finds the questions irrelevant. Make sure all the questions are to the point and completely relevant.

Using the above tips and techniques, you can create a very effective questionnaire for your customer service survey. This will help you collect feedback and use it to your benefit in improving and growing your business.