Create Better Business Tweets With These Tips

How can you effectively communicate your message the right way on Twitter with just 280 characters? What is the best way to include a call-to-action? How can you increase your followers and drive more traffic to the website? This short guide will help answer these questions.

There are two types of tweets

We have found that there are two types of tweets: Broadcasts and Conversations.

Broadcasts are tweets where people share their content with their followers or broadcast their message. These types of tweets are common and often made by people who don’t understand Twitter. They lack the power of a conversational tweet. While broadcasts are still useful, it is better to concentrate on conversations.

Twitter conversations are more powerful because they allow people to share value within a conversation. These could be asking a person/company a question or sharing relevant content. You’ll receive likes, mentions, and retweets if you hit the mark. This has the networking effect of getting more people to see your tweet.

Although there is no set rule, it is more common and beneficial these days to use conversational tweets.

How to craft your tweet

Because only 280 characters are available, it’s essential to make every character count. Here’s how to write a great tweet, no matter if you are sending a broadcast or a conversation.

1. Grab them with a great hook

Your main tweet and should contain a question or statement that is fun, interesting and compelling enough to draw people in and get them to continue reading.

Twitter users want to be entertained and informed. They are looking for news updates, interesting content and, yes, discounts. You need to ensure that your tweets are engaging and reflect your brand’s personality.

Your tweet’s most important element is its call to action. What action do your followers want to take? Click on the link? Tweet your post? Make sure the CTA is both clear and concise.

2. Include a link

Your tweet will most likely have one goal: to direct your followers to a blog article, a website or other landing page. You will need to include a URL or link.

How should you squeeze your long URL into the limited space available? URL shorteners are a great solution. These handy tools can compress your URL into fewer characters no matter how long it may be. Check out the one used in this tweet as an example.

One option is to use Twitter’s built-in shortener,, which automatically shortens any URL you enter. This will change URLs up to 23 characters in length, even if they are less than 23 characters. You may lose some of these precious characters.

You can also use URL shorteners like, Bitly, or TinyURL to save your character count and track click-through rates.

3. Use a hashtag that’s relevant

Hashtags allow you to link your tweets to a particular topic. These tags will help your tweets be found easier (when people search the topic) and enable you to engage in wider discussions within that topic.

You can use the Twitter search field to search for hashtags already in use. If you write on a broad topic and it is likely that a hashtag exists, then go ahead and apply it — #fintech for example.

If you are looking to promote a business or encourage activity in a specific area, you can create your own hashtags — #flosflowerfreebies, for example.

Caution: You should not use more than two hashtags in a tweet. You might also want to avoid hashtags if you are sending a conversational tweet to someone new so you don’t sound too spammy.

4. Mention an important person or influencer

The @mention is another useful tool you can use in your tweets. You can mention other Twitter users in your tweets, and they will see your tweet. This allows you to publicly acknowledge them or promote their tweet to your followers.

You can search Twitter for someone’s username if you don’t already know their username. Their username will appear in the search results.

It is a good strategy to mention influential people and companies. This is a key strategy to build a strong network on Twitter. It’s not worth starting conversations with random users who have few followers.

Actively research influencers in your field. Then, target them by starting friendly conversations that add value for them.

Keep your tweets professional and relevant so you don’t inadvertently offend or insult your those you’re trying to connect with.

5. Add an appropriate image

Your tweets can be significantly more engaging if you include images and videos. Think about what you do on Twitter. Aren’t you more likely to click links with images and videos?

Images should be of high quality and relevant. You should ensure that your image is free to use (no copyright issues) and that you’ve sized it according to Twitter’s required dimensions (1024×512). Consider compressing the image to save space, especially if you are uploading it to your WordPress Media Library first.

6. Make sure to leave room for retweeting

As if that weren’t enough, it is important to allow for retweeting.

It is generally agreed that 20 is the magic number for retweeting. Leave 20 characters blank at the end of your tweet so others can retweet it with room for their own message. Your entire tweet, text, link and hashtags should be no more than 260 characters. This is even less than the original 280 characters you thought was so long!

The Takeaway

It doesn’t need to be difficult to write great tweets. You will see an increase in engagement on Twitter if you think about your audience first.

How do you determine if your audience will like a tweet? Practice makes perfect. You should also be diligent in tracking your engagement metrics and refining it as needed.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start tweeting!


How To Successfully Lead A Group Of People As A New Leader?

Successful leaders like Richard Nahas always ensure that their opinions are taken on board. They all show some common practices like inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, letting others act, and encouraging the heart. Such behaviors are not innate or magical; instead, anyone can learn by providing specific attitudes, practices, and skills. Being a new leader, you also need to exemplify and implement these leadership behaviors to lead a group of people successfully.

Steps To Successfully Lead A Group of People

If you are a new leader with a compelling vision, you can make an effort and become a leader everyone wants to follow. These tips are helpful for new team leaders to embrace and excel in future projects.

●       Promote Goal Direction

As a new leader, it’s a great practice to promote and direct your group to recognize its mission and purpose. It’s about how you inspire your people to achieve their goals in such a manner that brings forth each individual’s energy and personal commitment towards some shared vision. Get to know your members and what makes them stick since their goals may not necessarily be the same. To inspire a mutual goal, a leader must have the tools of visionary which helps to bring innovative ideas together. It will preserve the potential aspirations of members as well as the mutual considerations of the group.

●       Communicate With Your Team

Just like inspiring a shared vision, the skills of communication and interaction are also necessary. You need to connect and listen to your team members instead of flexing your ego from day one. The interaction and cooperation can assist in a mutual acceptance of the group activity. Identify potential strengths and weaknesses regularly by scheduling meetings for everyone. When your team knows who’s doing what, why, and when, it ultimately destroys skepticism.

●       Reward The Good

One of the best ways to effectively lead people like Dr. Richard Nahas Ottawa is to encourage and embrace the good performance of your group. It always makes them happier and more passionate when you acknowledge their work. Reflecting interest, recognizing, and reinforcing even little things can provide participants with a sense of progress. The more they are praised, the more they will be responsive to projects and future tasks. Remember this quote, “Brains, like hearts, go where they’re appreciated.” So, explicit expressions of appreciation by celebrating the success of “we did it.”

●       Learn From Bad Experiences

A new leader must learn the art of a visionary which includes using lessons from the past. You must know how to tackle poor performance issues by accepting that mistakes can happen. Mistakes are part of learning, and a good leader sees a problem as a challenge and an opportunity. The best way to fix mistakes is to learn from them and not repeat them in future initiatives.


A new leader establishes the desired outcomes of a project by assigning everyone a delegated responsibility. Along with monitoring progress, he also offers sincere feedback and asks for input from the team. He learns from past mistakes and solves the problem by looking at it from a different perspective.


There Is More Than One Kind of Business Valuation Report

The business valuation report is a type of valuation analysis intended to estimate the approximate market value of a target company. It is used by investors looking to put money into new projects. It’s used by companies hoping to merge with or acquire others. The business valuation report is one of the most recognized tools in the due diligence toolbox.

Having said that, there is more than one kind of business valuation report. According to Mezy, a Utah company that offers due diligence-as-a-service (DaaS), a lot of people new to the due diligence concept believe that valuation reports are static. They are not.

First of all, there are different types of valuation reports prepared for different types of projects. Second, the data contained in a report is often specific to that opportunity. In the end, the people and organizations that order such reports have their own goals in mind. Reports are tailored to those goals.

The Startup Report

Mezy offers a business valuation report for startups. It is intended for venture capitalists and angel investors looking to help startups secure first- and second-round funding. It can be either a brief report or one that goes into great detail, depending on the startup in question.

Startup reports are especially important for the simple fact that new companies do not have a lot of history behind them. Due diligence providers try to zero-in on the most relevant data to help investors figure out where a particular opportunity stands.

The Summary Report

Another type of business valuation report is the summary report. Rather than offering page after page of company financial information, a summary report provides a snapshot in a single-page presentation. This report is the perfect tool for filtering out unwanted opportunities.

Summary reports are often dismissed as not providing enough information. While it is true that they don’t give you as much as a detailed report does, the summary approach can prove valuable to saving time and preventing wasted efforts.

The Comprehensive Report

What most people understand as a business valuation report is the comprehensive report prepared during the later stages of due diligence. This type of report is common for mergers and acquisitions. It is appropriate for late series funding rounds when companies are looking for that final push to get over the finish line.

As the name implies, a comprehensive report goes into great detail. It looks at past financial performance covering everything from balance sheets to annual growth. It looks at where a company is now, commensurate with its past performance and the market in which it is engaged. It also looks to the future.

It is the future aspect that gives due diligence providers greatest pause when compiling comprehensive business valuation reports. No one can accurately predict the future with 100% certainty. Neither can a business valuation report, no matter how many computer algorithms were utilized to create it.

Critical to Due Diligence

It’s safe to say that business valuation reports, in their many iterations, are critical to due diligence. Investors and companies alike need to know what a target’s real market value is before deciding whether or not to move forward. Without the data a valuation report provides, making any sort of decision is like flying blind.

Just remember that there is more than one kind of business valuation report. Business valuation itself is not an exact science. Nor is it static. Business valuation reports differ because targets and goals differ. Keep that in mind and you will be better prepared to determine what kind of valuation is most appropriate to every project you approach.


5 Ways To Get Through To Best Fire Protection Safety Management Company


5 Ways To Get Through To Best Fire Protection Safety Management Company 1It is always a great idea to have the second opinion of experts associated with companies that offer fire protection and safety management services. With that stated, since there are lots of companies that offer fire safety management services, you should abide by the following tips while choosing one, for the best results – 

Choose a company that focuses on customer care

You should hire a company that allows you to rest assured and never think about the fire safety and prevention aspects of your property since they will be taking care of that with their – 

  • Streamlined fire inspections
  • Fire safety-related maintenance/repair and
  • Related services.

A fire prevention and safety management company that allows you to save money all the while ensuring your property’s safety is the one you should hire.

Choose a company that can deliver maintenance services quickly

In case the fire prevention and safety equipment in your property need maintenance then it is evident that you cannot stay away from your home or keep the operations at your place of business suspended for a long time.

Choose a fire and safety management company that can complete their scheduled maintenance tasks in no time thanks to their proactive maintenance techniques.

Choose a company that does not offer its services through third-parties

This is the age of the internet hence it is natural for fire prevention and safety management companies to advertise about their abilities to offer –

  • Fire safety and prevention equipment installation services
  • Fire safety and prevention equipment inspection services
  • Fire safety and prevention equipment maintenance services
  • Fire safety and prevention equipment repairs, and
  • Emergency services.

You should remember that the age of the internet also brought with it the age of false advertisement. Chances are high that a fire safety and fire prevention management company offers the aforementioned services but through third parties.

You should avoid such companies as their third-party partners may not have the skills and the right equipment to deliver satisfactory results.

In the end, choose only those service providers that carry out all fire prevention services using equipment they own and teams that are under their direct payroll.

Choose an experienced fire protection company

Experience plays a vital role in all aspects of the service sector. Hence it is always a good idea to choose a fire and safety management company that has been serving the needs of its clients for several years.

This is essential as veteran fire protection and safety management service providers, over the years, have gained the necessary experience and formulated techniques that allow them to render commendable services. It is as simple as that.

Always choose a service provider that has a stellar track record

It is always a good idea to choose a service provider that has a stellar track record in all aspects. To make sure that the service provider you have chosen is the right one, make sure to get in touch with its past and present clients and see to it that they delivered services as advertised or not.

When it comes to fire prevention and fire safety, it matters a lot that you have hired a renowned fire safety management company and the reason is simple – they know what to do when to do and how to do it when it comes to keeping you and your property safe in case of a fire emergency.


Modern Solutions For A Business Phone Number

Making conversations with the business clients, associates and customers is crucial to maintaining normal business relations and keep running the same smoothly. Due to shortage of time, it is quite difficult to meet each and every person related with the business individually and converse with the same for business operations and activities. Obviously, there are so many employees working in any business at different levels and in different departments. They have their individualized roles to play. Their duties may also include conversations with persons outside the given premise. For this, use of mobile phones is indispensable.

Managing personal and professional conversations on the same phone number may seem to be difficult and challenging. To offer an apt solution for this problem, separate business mobile phone numbers may be used so that everyone may freely contact the concerned persons for professional purposes. At the same time, it is also true that managing two numbers on the same phone may again create problems. Here are the modern and effective solutions for a business phone number. You may also try the same and keep on with your professional conversations and other tasks through the mode of mobile phone in an easy way out.

Look around for suitable viable mobile phone apps

There is an endless list of virtual mobile phone apps available around that may be opted for and used by you for your business mobile phone number. Depending upon the suitability and convenience of usage by the employees and others concerned, most suitable apps may be used to facilitate the task of calling, text messages and so on through the mobile phone. Such apps offer multiple options to the users so as to ease their tasks.

Use same platform to manage all the phone numbers

The mobile phone apps used for business phone numbers offer the facility to manage all the phone numbers being used by the employees in any business from the same platform. It helps in maintaining integrity as well as safety of the information and data being exchanged from the mobile phone numbers being used in your business. Everything remains under your vigil constantly.

Choose plans carefully and wisely

To rule out the chances of unnecessary phone bills for the business phone numbers and to facilitate the employees to utilize the same in an excellent manner, you must choose the mobile phone calling and other plans carefully and wisely for the individualized persons.

With all such solutions readily available to you for a business phone number, you may certainly get benefitted and use your mobile phone and the business number in effective and effortless manners. In fact, it keeps you totally stress-free in all respects as you may peacefully carry on with your corporate calls and messages without any troubles.


Get the Best PVC Conveyor Belts in Telford

PVC conveyor belts are used in a number of different industries. Different industries have different needs, and it is important to make sure that the raw materials used to make the conveyor belt are right for the job. When you work with a professional company that specialises in making these conveyor belts, you can be sure to get the one that is best for the job.

How Conveyor Belts Are Made

No matter what your factory operation is, you need to make sure that you have the right belt for the job. The belt must be able to withstand the job it is required to do, and the manufacturer needs to know how to do it. You need a company that can make a tight flexible splice that is strong and has no ends. They can combine the strength of conventional step splices with the flexibility of the finger splice to create a strong, flexible, endless belt.

Types of Belts

If you are looking for a conveyor belt system in Telford, you have a lot of choices, including the following:

  • Step
  • Bevel
  • Euro
  • Skived
  • Finger
  • Longitudinal
  • Lap
  • Hot air welded

When you are looking for PBC belting, you can choose light duty single ply or heavy-duty solid woven belts. You can get them vulcanised, endless, or with different mechanical fasteners. You can choose different colours and styles, and you will find different patterns to make sure that you get exactly what you need for your system.


What is to know about tax management for independent contractor?

Tax management is one of those issues that cause concern and chills just by hearing the name. Many managers find this content complicated to understand. Calculating Taxes as an independent contractor requires some skill, really. However, if you want business growth, increased profits and decreased spending, it is advisable to have at least a basic understanding of the topic.

What is tax management?

Tax management is the action of managing all the tax aspects of a company. This involves taking care of taxes, fees and contributions related to principal and ancillary obligations. The goal is to ensure that the business has legal certainty, pays as little taxes as possible and takes advantage of tax benefits. For this, it is necessary to provide the correct tax information, choose the tax regime most appropriate to the reality of the company, do tax compliance, carry out planning, audits, etc.

How to further optimize tax management?

It is not because things look great that you should be carefree. Improvement is always possible. Optimization can be guaranteed through important techniques.

Tax compliance

“Compliance” comes from the English verb “to comply” and means to comply with a rule or rule. This is important so that people can perform a job competently. In the financial sphere, this term has been used in order to organize fiscal disciplines to comply with the regulations, guidelines and policies established by law. Tax compliance establishes a set of tools to assist in this execution. Thus, there must be monitoring with respect to updates in standards, constant monitoring and management, in order to avoid deviations, human errors and inconsistencies.

Preventive audits

Here, accounting and legal professionals analyze all the company’s tax information. The purpose is to ensure that everything is as expected, so that when the tax agencies carry out any verification they do not find discrepancies. And if something out of the ordinary is found, it can be repaired right away.


Tax planning aims to make the company pay as little taxes as possible, but without going out of law. It can be done in an operational and strategic way. In the first, the most basic, procedures are planned to comply with the correct bookkeeping of operations and the payment of taxes on the appropriate dates. In the second, a study is carried out to fit the company in the most convenient tax regime, in addition to knowing other tax peculiarities.

Thus, it is possible to reduce expenses (through tax avoidance), avoid the incidence of tax (preventing the taxable event, for example, taking advantage of an exemption rule), reducing total amounts to be collected (decreasing or cutting some fees) and delay payment (without incurring fines).


How to Tailor Your Business and Employee Remote Needs to the Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed working patterns with a significant number of people working remotely. Officials in public health recommend social distancing as one of the ways to reduce COVID-19 infections. Social distancing involves avoidance of mass gatherings and maintaining the two-meter distance from the next person. Many businesses are unable to meet this requirement because of the number of employees, and the buildings they do businesses in may be small hence have asked their employees to work from home. This has been a challenge for some employees and employers, especially those doing it for the first time.

This article will look at ways to tailor the remote needs of your employees and business with the corona pandemic in mind.

1. Provide Employees with Essential Work Equipment

Employees working remotely should have managed workplace services that enable them to have access to necessary work resources. This may include computers and files. If an employee needs to take equipment home, this should be made possible if work has to be done. New procedures should be introduced when taking equipment home, such as serial number recording against the employee’s name and signature. With the required resources there will be no excuses of low production unless otherwise.

2. Implement Remote Security Processes

It becomes a security risk to company data when everyone is accessing company servers remotely. Therefore, there is a need to put in place privacy, security, and data protection measures to protect confidential and sensitive company information as well ensure excellent managed IT services. Traditional systems that prevent intrusion and firewalls may not be enough in remote working.

The first solution to protect your data is by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) when accessing the internet. VPNs hide the location of the user, making it difficult for cybercriminals to locate your devices. But, you can go a step further and install an endpoint-based data loss prevention (eDLP) solution. This monitor and protects employees’ remote locations apart from network nodes and servers. The security measure prevents data leaks by eradicating the risk at the user’s workstation, where most cyber threats happen.

3. Practice Open Communication

Tailor Your Business

Maintain open communication channels with your employees. Communication should not be limited to email or phone calls. Set aside a time during the week where you can all have a meeting using videoconferencing channels such as Zoom and Skype. By doing this, your employees will feel they still part of a team as they sometimes feel lonely while working alone at home. It will also enable them to interact with others and implement new ideas from other employees. Sufficiently managed workplace services that ease communication enable efficient follow-up of work given.

4. Use Tools that Promote Team Collaboration

Install tools that enable collaboration among employees. Such tools make document sharing easy and also allow efficient assignment of team responsibilities. When doing this, ensure you have well managed IT services to supervise access control policies to prevent sensitive documents from getting to unauthorized people.


An Inside Look Into How Companies Increase Profit

Be it a small company or a larger one, prioritizing the offered goods and services is extremely important to cherish the desired revenue. Unless the prospects are happy with a particular company’s offerings, expanding the business can be hard. On the other hand, if the customers are happy they will be loyal to a company and also suggest others to try out its goods. That is why each and every organizational setting needs to follow some simple strategies and techniques to accomplish the business goals. If you are interested in knowing those read till the end.

Look into the quality of the product

The first and most basic rules that the companies follow in maintaining the authenticity of the product they offer. If the offered services and products surpass the quality of the alternative brands, there is no way of worrying about sales. Customers seek real and good quality products at an affordable price. If a company can successfully offer it, it can achieve better revenue.

Packaging of the product

After the product quality, the prime aspect that all the customers mostly value is how well the product has been packaged. Sometimes due to poor packaging quality, the prospects form a negative opinion about the company, no matter how good their product is. As per the survey the organizations that utilize seek assistance from the used packaging machinery UK relish the compliments on their product packaging. The safer and more striking the packaging quality is, the better it attracts the attention of the customers.

Promote your business in social media

For the new developing companies, creating brand awareness is the most crucial attribute to consider. Today almost all people are connected with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on! If you successfully bring the name of your company in front of the public notice through those platforms, it won’t take long to boost the sales. When the sales are high, they acquire a feverish profit.

Terminate the invalid services and products

The products or services that have the least gross profit have nothing to do with the company’s profit. Rather, it decreases the sale, disadvantaging the organization in every potential way. Thus, the first thing that the companies do is identify them and abolish them right away. Only then, a business body can meet its goal.

To sum up, it is essential to highlight that taking every step strategically improves a business. And the above-mentioned ones are the most vital among all those!


How Lanyards Can Make Your Business Look More Professional

Lanyards play a significant role as it proves advantageous for your business and works as a medium of advertising, identification, and various other purposes. Let’s understand how lanyards can make your business look more professional.

Improve your networking prospects

Networking is an ideal way that allows people to know about your business, so high-quality lanyards with the bright colours help in highlighting your organisation. Be it a conference, events, or any trade show, lanyards give you instant recognition to your audience.


Brand presence for an organisation is very significant and it is important to make your image. So to get this, you have to be novel, strong communication, style, logo, design, tagline, etc. Representatives with your organisation lanyards speak to your image and permit your intended interest group to associate with your brand.

High Visibility

You have to remain noticeable in the market with the goal that you can remain in front of your rivals. Your brand is seen effectively with your lanyards so there are an enormous number of organisations that contribute to such work and these lanyards fill in as promotional and advertising tricks. Engaging design and colour mix make individuals notice your brand.

Professional Appeal

How you create the first impression on the mind of the customers is important, sometimes they hold the conversation after having a look at you. If you have made a brand identity for yourself in the right way then you can expect to gain more weight age from your target audience. Even your employees like to wear them and add in building a professional image.

Customer loyalty

Gaining the loyal customers for your brand is not an easy task. No matter if you run a small or large business? Small businesses many times face the economic crisis; however, lanyards play a significant role here that helps them in regaining the presence and value among the customers. It’s a cost-effective method of marketing and these lanyards should be worn all the time not just on some occasions and activities.

Similarly, when you make some distribution on the events, at that point, your possibilities to reach the intended interest group and permit your audience to identify your brand. Soon these clients transform into potential clients and they repurchase your product or service.

To sum it up, lanyards seem fruitful for the business for several reasons. So connect with the right and experienced printing agency and you can place your order for the lanyards. Enhance your brand goodwill and create a high impact.