Almost 270 million cars are registered across America, and the average roadworthy vehicle age is around 12 years. Of course, many people have to attempt to keep their vehicles far longer which means there are a lot of junk cars on the road. Deciding when you get rid of a junk car can be a real challenge. The average reliable and relatively young used car can cost anywhere between $8,000 and $12,000 while a new car averages around $32,000. That’s a major hit to the finances for most Americans and even payments can be a challenge. So it’s especially important to get the most money for your junk car. But what steps do you need to achieve that goal?

 Use Up the Gas in the Tank

Older cars tend to be gas guzzlers, but they also have bigger tanks. With gas prices averaging close to $3 per gallon at the lowest, selling your junk car for cash with a decent amount of gas in the tank is like burning money. Chances are, the salvage yard is just going to dump it anyway. So take one last memorable trip. Go see a good friend, treat your mother out to lunch, or just spend some time sightseeing. One last hurrah can help loosen the bond to your clunky old friend while ensuring it’s not taking you for more of a ride than necessary.

Remove All of Your Belongings

Cars often become their owners’ second homes. But regardless of whether you spend a few minutes a week in your vehicle or half of your life in it, chances are there’s something meaningful and even valuable in it. Music and media, technology and mobile devices, textbooks, clothes, important documents, jewelry, and money may be lurking inside or even in plain sight. Clear out all your belongings before attempting to sell your junk car for cash. Once the vehicle switches ownership, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to retrieve your valuables.

Remove and/or Sell Valuable Components

A modern car is composed of approximately 30,000 different parts. Some of those parts can be reclaimed and reused by the salvage yard while most will be crushed and shredded. That’s sometimes a shame for the unknowing original car owner as some of those components are quite valuable and can add significantly to the amount you’d get on top of selling your junk car for cash. Items like a new battery, electric components, GPS or stereo equipment, and even new or lightly used headlamps can be removed and sold prior to making a deal with the junkyard. Even newer tires can be replaced with balding ones.

Obtain Your Title and Make Sure it’s in Your Name

The only thing a reputable junk or scrap yard will require from you to sell your junk car for cashis your title and identification. Legally the title must be in the name of the person trading the vehicle to the business. Cancel your car insurance prior to opting to sell your junk car for cash and make sure the business has your title. Otherwise, any future costs associated with your vehicle can come back to bite you. If you can’t drive your vehicle in, no worries. We’ll pick it up at the time and place of your choice. The driver will then exchange your junk car and title for cash on the spot. Give us a call when you’re ready to make some extra cash.