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Finding Your Perfect Career

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As we approach the New Year, many people will be thinking that it’s time to make a new start and to look for a change of direction in their careers. Having spent a period of time in their current positions, many make the decision that they’re not particularly a fan of that industry or that the job role isn’t for them and they want something more suitable.

In other instances, people decide that it’s time to start a new chapter in their lives and that could mean moving to another part of the country to find a specific job that will help to improve their lives.

Sometimes people just need to make that decision to change their lives in any way, and that could mean taking the plunge and applying for that job they’ve always dreamed of, even if it means moving away from home or from the area they’ve lived in all of their lives. Having worked so hard at school, college, University and in their current positions, it’s a shame to give up on a dream career without trying, it’s just a case of finding the right job, and that’s what sites like Jobs Today can help with.

In the past few years we’ve heard a lot of stories about unemployment rates and people losing their jobs due to cost-cutting measures or company closures, but it’s been revealed that in the UK, unemployment has actually dropped by 25% in the last 20 years. Even some of the most notorious areas for unemployment are now showing signs of recovery with areas such as the North West, the area with the most unemployed people in the country with 283,000 out of work, making up just 8.3% of the nation’s unemployed.

The area best off in the whole of the UK is actually Northern Ireland in terms of numbers, with just 63,000 out of work, but in terms of unemployment rate the East of England is best off with just 5.8% of people in the region looking for work.