Businesses large and small are starting to realize the importance of the HR function in their business. In the past it was seen as something that was there as back up in case things went wrong. Now it is an important part of making employees feel valued. This improves the contribution of each member of the team and drives a company forward. And tech is playing a major role in this.

It might look like attendance software is something to keep people in line. But this is far from the case. Poor attendance or consistent lateness can be a sign that an employee is disengaged or having issues inside or out of work. A caring, sharing business will want to monitor this and provide support and assistance where necessary.

In short, the companies that provide attendance software are those that really care about their employees.

This is especially relevant in businesses that operate over more than one site, or have remote workers. This adds another level of stress to the management team, as it is far easier to manage people sat in front of you that you see every day than those that you rarely or never meet. And this is where time management software comes in really useful. I see businesses across the world come to us for our app, so they can monitor and support their workers.

Providing attendance software is an effective way of making sure all of your team feel in the loop. It adds that level of accountability and scrutiny that all of your team can thrive on. Managed well, attendance reports will help you to identify those that are leading the business forward, and perhaps those that need more guidance and training. Think about being that supportive and caring employer and how you can make this task easier with attendance software to back up your leadership style.