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The best broadband plans for 2019


Check out Airtel broadband for the best combination of low price, high fidelity and high-speed network.

Broadband Internet is the need of our times. Wherever we go, we are in need of constant connectivity with the outside world. Whether at home or in the office, or even when we travel, there is a need to stay in touch with happenings outside of our immediate circle, or carry out work- or financial transactions, or just keep in touch with people via messaging apps.

But getting a good broadband plan is not as elementary as you might think. Sure, there are scores of plans out there, provided from such entities as your cable operator to the biggest mobile service provider in the city. There are plans of varying duration and pricing, but only some of them have any merit worth considering.

If you’re looking for a good fast speed Internet plan for your home, you need to look no further an Airtel broadband plans. Here’s how you should get one:

* Check what you need. Every person’s and every home’s broadband needs are different. You will need high speed Internet and a high amount of data if there are several digital devices plugged to the network at the same time, from phones to laptops. But your needs might be different if you live alone and hardly use the Internet when you’re at home. So, assess your needs and choose a plan accordingly.

Heavy usage zones should opt for Airtel broadband plans, particularly since you can connect up to 10 different devices on the same connection without any changes in speed or connectivity. Plus, Airtel has the best plans in broadband at the moment, across all service providers.

* Check for the best plans.We’ve already said that Airtel broadband has the best plans at the moment. Here’s why: You get 5 different plans under their 1-month, 6-months and 12-months plans. You get speeds up to 100 Mbps, which is the fastest among all service providers. Plus, you get a free router with every connection, plus one-year free Amazon Prime subscription with every connection. Airtel broadband plans are present in every major city and town in India.

* Upgrade to V-fibernet with Airtel.You might already have a broadband plan at home. No matter – get the Airtel broadband plan with V-fibernet. Just place a request to upgrade your existing broadband on the Airtel website, and the company will do the rest. You will need Airtel broadband plans for zones with high usage, especially if each member of the family has multiple digital devices and/or you have a home office set up. You get no downtime, 99% uptime and 300 Mbps speeds with Airtel fibernet.