Pros and Cons to In-House Shredding

Are you wondering whether to shred in-house or go for an external provider? If you’re not sure, this guide can help.

There are benefits and drawbacks with regard to both choices. So, why not check them out here to help you decide whether in-house shredding is the ideal solution for your business?

Advantages of In-house

In-house shredding is a great option for many companies, but will it work for yours? Read on to find the main benefits of in-house shredding before deciding:


Of course, if your business doesn’t create huge volumes of document waste, this can be a handy, cheap solution.


Basically, you don’t need to hand over confidential documents to anyone. However, that means that someone onsite has to be assigned the job and not many businesses has the manpower to deal with the rate of confidential waste generated. What’s more, a member of staff that’s given this job must then be trained in matters of confidentiality.


If you do your shredding in-house, you can also react quicker when items need disposing of. High-risk documentation, that contain very sensitive information, can be read and got rid of immediately, which may be more secure and safe.

Drawbacks of In-house

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to in-house shredding, but what about the disadvantages? These include:


We already know that disposing of great amounts of paper waste negatively impacts on cost and time. What’s the point if a service provider can take the hassle away?


In-house shredding will require you to purchase many shredders to keep up with demand, which will also need to be maintained and even fixed from time to time. By hiring a shredding provider, you can eliminate the need for maintenance costs.

Data protection

Protecting personal data is key, but in-house shredding can cause data breaches. This is because keeping documents safe before shredding might be tough and not many staff members have the time to devote to the task of shredding.

Peace of mind

In-house shredding may give you control, but it also gives you full responsibility to destroy what needs to be destroyed. By using a certified service provider, you get the relief of knowing that all sensitive information has been taken and disposed of properly and securely.

Faulty shredders

What if your shredder breaks? This leaves you susceptible to breaches, which might incur a fine if something happens with the details your company is holding.

Better things to do

Who wants to spend ages shredding? It’s not the most exciting of tasks. If you or a member of staff is tasked with doing this regularly, it could be demoralizing. So, take out the boredom and let someone else do the job!

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