Want to attract more people to your trade show exhibition stands? You need to get creative, as there is a lot of competition between different brands out there…

Trade shows are events designed to bring the members of a specific field together to talk about, demonstrate and display their latest services and products. The big trade shows normally occur in convention centres at big cities, and this goes on for a number of days. Many people attend these occasions because it is a chance for them to interact with each other and earn referrals or new potential customers.

If your booth is filled with visitors, it will be the opportunity to maximise all efforts in converting potential customers into buyers and this will significantly help the business. The problem is that your brand is not the only one displaying its wares there, so you have to make your exhibition stands “stand out”.



How do I do this?

If it’s possible, visit the venue a day before the event and check out the other booths. See what their staff will do for their booth and take note of the marketing strategies and type of advertisements they will make use of just to pull the customers in. On the day itself, have one or two of your staff members talk to attendees to find out what got them interested in the other booths.

If you are having difficulty thinking of ways to get more customers, you can work with professional contractors and designers who will help you make quality trade show display stands unique. Here are some ideas that the professionals recommend:

  • Power up your online marketing campaign with social media and blogs.
  • Make use of digital photography. Take pictures with the people who visited your booth and place your company logo before posting it on social media or giving them the prints.
  • In line with social media, have a livestream of your booth to your corporate website or social networking accounts so that customers and prospects who are not at the trade show will still be updated with the latest news on your brand.

Author: Carrie Sze