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How to make the most of an HR internship in Australia


As a student, if you are advancing through your HR degree, then it is quite possible that you are also thinking of an HR Internship in Australia. This can help you understand your field better and convert the theory that you learned in a classroom into practical experience. This way you will be able to broaden your career options once you complete your degree. Hence, the entire idea is to make the most of your internship in Australia experience. Find PGP Australia based on Best in AU if you need help for your internship.

Here we have given you some small and simple tips which can probably help you out with your HR internship in Australia –

Supervisor – Your superior is probably the most important person to you as an intern. Usually, interns operate in groups. And they would have a group supervisor. You can always ask your supervisor for career advice or some kind of personal insight he/she might have about the human resources industry. How you can stay competitive is just another question. You should know how employee issues are handled. What is done when any kind of federal law is changed and how do human resources interns go about the job? By getting new insight and showing dedication and interest, an HR internship in Australia can further their chances of getting good employment in the current company and better the chances of future jobs too.

Never say no – As a rule, never turn down any kind of event, special meetings, happy hour meets, conventions and so on with other co-workers. Yes, it is considered optional. But if you attend such events and meetings, you would be developing stronger relationships get a good network going and meet other new people from the same industry. Also, such experiences are exciting and enriching.  

At the close of the internship in Australia – While you are in an internship you need to get good references and build a good network. If you have worked really hard, maybe asked the right questions, and even gone that extra mile, you will definitely get a good recommendation letter from your supervisor. Mind you, that letter makes a whole lot of difference towards forwarding your career. The HR field competition is quite a stiff one. Once your HR internship in Australia is drawing to a close, you need to make sure that your supervisor writes you a good recommendation and also gives you feedback so that you can improve upon anything if required. You will also need to give importance to any weaknesses that you might have and completely turn it around.

Sometimes, supervisors hesitate to give out criticism especially when you are leaving. But try and be persuasive. You not knowing your weakness can actually hinder you personally and professionally. You will never know what you need to work on, what to correct and even if this job is for you or not.

If your company has a big HR department, then you will find great opportunities to learn and grow. So if you wish to maximize your career and make the most of your internship in Australia, it is entirely up to you to take the initiative and be ready to take up anything.