The first impression is very important and crucial for a business. A great first impression of your office will create a positive image on the minds of the prospective client. It’s important that the reception’s interior should reflect the company’s business style and culture as that is the first thing a client or a guest will observe. Hence the area should have a planned layout, attractive design, and elite office furniture.

The first step is branding your reception with the company logo and name on the wall, behind where the receptionist sits. The colour of the wall of your reception should be in alignment with the company logo.

  • Desk:

The reception desk and chair should be elegant and of high quality. It should be appealing to the visitors both functionally and aesthetically. The top of the desk should be neat and clean. The desk should have an ergonomic design and features like adjustable height keyboards so that the receptionists can work comfortably.

  • Office Chairs:

The amount of time a client spends in the reception area is less. But that short span of time is enough for a person to form an impression about the company. Hence, the chairs present should be comfortable and relaxing. It should not elicit any uncomfortable feeling as that might leave a negative impression on the clients.

Only having a good and comfortable reception area is not enough. It’s important that your office should have a professional and cluttered look with proper elite office furniture setting.

  • Meeting Rooms:

The chairs in the meeting room should be ergonomic friendly such that it should have proper back support or can be adjusted to the correct posture of the client. The desk should be a proper match with the chair. It is because its in the meeting room where most of your deals are signed. Hence you should ensure that the meeting room creates a professional and comfortable environment for the clients.

It is known that furniture is a practical addition to a company, but they can be used to enhance the visual appeal by matching them with company logo colour. You need to match the design of your furniture with the type of your business so that clients can relate to it. The way your office is decorated states the type of company you are and the type of people working there. If you ever visit an office that has a piece of uncomfortable furniture and poorly lit interior, the first impression will be to break the deal no matter how professionally efficient its employees are.

Hence it’s important that the company carefully selects quality furniture that will help them to create comfort and positive long-lasting impression on the clients.