franchise marketing

Nowadays franchises have become a more common way of doing business. You may find various franchise business opportunities available in a variety of industries. In a franchise business, the owner who is also called “franchisors” sells the rights of his brand name, logo and model to a third party who is called franchisee, after paying an initial fee. This fee is required as payment of training, rights to business and for the equipment or products of business. Once the business starts, the franchisee will pay an amount which is the percentage of franchise operation gross sale. 

Like every other business, franchises too need franchise marketing to grow and improve their sales. These marketing may include social marketing, pay per click, SEO, commercials, email marketing, trade shows, content marketing and many more ways of online marketing.

You must look around to check and see the effective franchise marketing strategies which you can make the part of your online marketing. You must make a research to see what other businesses are using for franchise online marketing. The type of advertisement attracts you and the ones consumers are ignoring so that best suitable franchise marketing can help your business stand out in the crowd. 

You can use these sources to start your franchise marketing. 

You must do local advertisement of your franchise to attract local people to your business place. For this purpose, use local newspaper, cable network and pamphlets come from your area. 

In today’s world social media is playing an important role in advertisement of a business. Face book, Twitter, YouTube and many other helps to promote your business. 

Charities are another way of promoting your franchise locally. They can help you by advertising your productions and you can help them by giving charity money in return for sponsoring you. Local schools can also help you if you sponsor the local school football team.

Here are some channels which may help you in organizing a successful marketing campaign and to reach the consumers and upgrade your business in more profitable manner. 

Types of franchise marketing:


A business can rely on search engine optimization for franchise development marketing strategies. Billions of searchers use Google to find right answers to their queries. Optimization and ranking for the correct keyword can make big difference with lots of leads and traffic on your page.


Your website is presented as your salesperson 24/7 both for your consumers and franchisees, to attract them. Relevant content and well-designed site which should be easy to browse on any type of device. 

PPC Marketing 

It is important to present your product in front of right persons at the right time, against your competitors is important. Google ad work, Bing and Face book are perfect examples of presenting your ads to right people at right time. Google’s display network can turn your PPC campaign into lead generation machine if it reaches 90% of internet users. 

Email Strategy

Email is your direct line of communication to engage your existing customers while attracting new ones. Creating relevant and customized email content to appeal the local market and has great potential for the franchise growth. 

Apart from applying these marketing tactics, attending trade shows, working with brokers and association can help you grow your franchise businesses profoundly.