One of the best ways of determining that you have hired a great event planner is the venue that they have chosen for you.

It is given that not all of us are keen or have the skills in determining a good venue where we can hold our events there that is why one of the main reasons that we hire an event planner. One of the tasks that event planners do is to choose a venue that totally suits your event or activity that is why you should always hire a capable event planner that knows where to perfectly hold your event.

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However, not every event planner you come across can live up to their promise of providing you the best event there is. There are those who are amateurs who pretend to be experts in this complex, but a very interesting profession.

To teach you how to determine a good venue that your event planner has chosen, check out some great tips prepared below for your own benefit.

  • Quality of service– Venues are usually convention centers, function rooms and a huge room that can fit more than a dozen people usually situated in malls, hotels, and other public places, but the question is, how does the event venue management serve its client? You should start off by asking the services they offer such as the kitchen facility, the equipment for both audio, and video, the entire space if it has a stage, a dressing room, a bathroom, and a breakout room, and of course the security, and ask them if any restrictions like alcohol, smoking, noise, and other stuff are there.
  • Has positive and lively ambiance– The venue should host functions that will be remembered the color of the wall and ceilings, the lightings and the entire architectural style of the event venue because the ambiance of the venue dictates the mood of the guests and attendees. If you are planning to hold an expo, try convention centers, if you are planning to hold a wedding reception, try booking a function room of a hotel, just make sure that the venue can Host functions that will be remembered especially when you are holding a corporate entertainment.
  • Should have insurance– There are venues out there that require a certain level of liability as well as they also are insured for the event. Usually, the customer or the client must be insured in this type of situation so better ask your insurance company if it is covered under your insurance policy. Also, make sure that the event venue has its own insurance to be fair as well.
  • Should be accessible to everyone– Everyone wants convenience, especially if the location of the venue is very accessible and not in the middle of a traffic-prone area. Being accessible does not entirely mean that it should be a few minutes’ drives; it should also have ramps, railings and enough doors to make it accessible for people who have disabilities.
  • Should prioritize safety– There should be enough fire exits, emergency lights, fire extinguisher, and all the needed safety measures that a building should have in order for you to tell that the venue that your event planner or strategic event agency have chosen is great.