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Customised Cardboard Packing Boxes for an Easy Move


We all loathe moving house, and one of the hardest things to find when the time comes is a supply of solid cardboard boxes. Fortunately, there is a company that supplies cardboard boxes in Bristol who have everything you need for that moving operation, including great packing boxes.

Range of Sizes

The boxes would come in a range of sizes, which include:

  • Small Packing Boxes – 12x12x18 inches is ideal for DVDs, glass wear, precious ornaments, and important paperwork. The boxes come in flat packs and are easily assembled with some masking tape.
  • Medium Packing Boxes – 118x18x20 inches can hold IT hardware, clothes, bedding and many other items.
  • Hanging Garment Carrier – A long cardboard box that comes equipped with a hanging rail, which is designed for your wardrobe garments, thus avoiding creasing. They are long enough to take full length gowns, with a little more room to ensure crease-free transit.

Other Essential Packing Items

Aside from the very popular cardboard packing boxes, the supplier would also stock adhesive tape, bubble wrap and other protective packing materials, and once the relocation is complete, you can disassemble the boxes and they can be used the next time you need to relocate. All you need is a marker pen to write the contents of each box on the side, then you won’t have any problems unpacking at the other end.

You might require sturdy packing materials for your business, and with such a wide range, your local box and carton supplier is the person to contact when it comes to quality packing materials.