It goes without saying that a lack of communication within a team significantly hampers its ability to deliver Performance. Be it a start-up that is making its ground on the corporate world or a big enterprise expanding its operational area; communication is an integral part that lays the foundation stones of success. Here, in the post, we’ll be talking about the many drawbacks of communication to your business.

Suppressed Innovation

Innovation only happens when there is smooth and open communication within the organisation. When working on a big project, the process of ideation is powered by not one individual but each one uniting to innovate. With the lack of communication on the floor, people won’t be able to connect with one another to offer valuable advice on editing and execution of the process, these people may not be physically present in the same building, but communication will bring them to work together. So, in simple words, poor communication is killing is the creativity and imagination aspect in the organisation.

Reduces Employee Productivity

It is a logical understanding that poor communication at the workplace has a telling role to play in terms of productivity. When the communication is open within the team and multiple departments within the organization, the employees are better able to complete their tasks efficiently with the minimum of hassle. It goes without saying that the breakdown in communication can eventually contribute to productivity breakdown. Poor communication makes it baffling for the employees to consult their senior authority for any sort of advice and help. On the other hand, transparent and secure communication at the workplace makes it quite easy for the employee to understand the needs and expectations of the organization.

Increased Blunders

Another drawback of poor communication to any business is the significant increase in the number of workplace blunders. If you don’t provide excellent communication within the team, your employees are most likely to make big blunders, and ultimately affects productivity. Let your employees know they can easily clarify for any doubts using a secure communication channel. With open communication, your organization is bound to scale a new high of success.

Ineffective Customer Interaction

Apart from effects within the organization, poor communication further leads to ineffective customer interaction. No clear-cut communication of your team with the clients doesn’t help your cause of building a loyal customer base.

From the above, you probably come to know the many disadvantages of a lack of communication to your organization. But, when you reverse the poor communication in good communication, the above drawbacks become the stepping stones to your progressive business growth. So, why think or rethink, reach out to an agency with expertise in organization communication to propose a tailored solution.