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Asian Cuisine – The Right Choice for your Retail Food Outlet


If you are considering moving into the retail food industry, there is much to learn. Whatever your concept, it will have been done many times before, and the success of your business would largely depend on several key factors. If you live in Australia, for example, and were to really look at what type of eateries are in trend and seem to be busy, you would find, more often than not, Asian cuisine is at the top of the tree.

Why Asian?

Well, if you think about it, the consumer is always looking for something unique, and the Asian tastes like Thai or Indian cuisine can really be a pleasant change. This doesn’t mean that the consumer is living off an Asian diet, far from it, but whenever they go out, they do like to have something they know they will enjoy. Let us not forget that the many thousands of Australians who have holidayed in Bali, Thailand, or Malaysia, will already have an association of that cuisine, and going to a Thai restaurant kind of takes you back to that perfect holiday.


If you are going into the Asian food market, be prepared for some serious competition, and you will not be able to do this without the help of someone who is native to the cuisine you are offering. Only a Thai knows how to cook Tom Yam, so whatever the cuisine, enlist the help of a professional native, and maybe even hire a complete family, who can not only prepare the food, they can also serve in traditional surroundings, making the entire experience a unique one.

The Kitchen

Asian cuisine involves larger gas burners for the various woks, and with high heat capability, and plenty of burners, your kitchen has the basis of what it needs. There are online suppliers of Asian cooking equipment, and with a range of appliances, you can quickly create the ideal kitchen for your target menu. Refrigeration is vital, with adequate freezer space a must. Some of the special ingredients you use will be frozen, while others will need to be delivered on a daily basis. Lots of worktops need to be prepared, as Asian cooking is all about preparation, and if you are planning to display your menu, you will need the right kind of food display cabinets, which can be ordered online.


These are very popular, as many people do not have the time for a dining experience, and to be able to walk in and take home a delicious Asian meal is very tempting. The only way to make this kind of business work is to have a system whereby you can service high volumes of people in a short time, all with the same standard of quality and service. If you can do this, and your menu is good, then it is just a question of keeping on top of things. Asian Kitchen equipment can be easily sourced online, and with a team of trained staff, your menu should be an instant hit.

The Asian food market is very strong, and if you have done your market research and have covered all the angles, there is every chance of success.